Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical Engineering Services

Our Services

Our services mix classic care with today’s tech, offering clear, easy-to-use lighting solutions for all

Lighting / Lighting Controls

Lighting layouts quickly for general lighting and we’ll work with you for architectural lighting design. Then provide you with lighting controls across your entire building

Power Distribution

Power distribution including panels, receptacles. transformers, power connections, and disconnects for equipment throughout the project.

Fire Alarm

Providing Fire Alarm Layouts for addressable fire alarm systems in your Revit models.

Low-Voltage Systems

Providing data, security, card readers and access control layouts within your Revit models

About us

Vertical Design Services provides the latest innovations in design. We blend trusted methods with the subtle advancements in Revit technology and BIM LOD 300 standards.

Our approach is straightforward: We provide reliable solutions that integrate modern technology.


What people say about us

Their designs revitalized our retail space. Customers notice, and so does our bottom line.

Mark Coker

Retail Store Manager

Switching to their solutions cut down my energy costs. Practical and effective

Katrina McClelland

Building Operations Manager

Our commercial space’s lighting overhaul attracted more tenants. Effective and economical.

Anthony Carbone

Operations Director

Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate your curiosity about our integration of legacy methods with future-ready technologies.
Our FAQ section is designed to provide the clarity you seek.

What is the role of Revit in the lifecycle management of low-voltage systems?2023-10-20T19:10:16+00:00

Revit contributes to lifecycle management by providing detailed documentation and models that assist in efficient system upgrades, problem diagnosis, and maintenance planning over the building’s lifespan.

Are custom lighting fixtures and controls supportable in Revit Modeling?2023-10-20T19:06:35+00:00

Yes, Revit allows the creation or importing of custom lighting fixture and control models, providing flexibility for designers to incorporate unique or project-specific elements.

Can Revit Modeling optimize energy efficiency for lighting systems?2023-10-20T19:07:45+00:00

Yes, Revit Modeling allows the integration of lighting analysis tools that can assess the energy efficiency of lighting systems. This helps designers make informed decisions to reduce energy consumption.

How does Revit Modeling improve the design and implementation of fire alarm systems?2023-10-20T19:09:29+00:00

Revit allows designers to accurately place and detail fire alarm components within a 3D environment, enhancing coordination with other building systems. By doing so, we ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations.

What does “BIM LOD 300” specifically entail for electrical systems design?2023-10-20T19:08:31+00:00

BIM LOD 300 requires components to be modeled with specific assemblies accurate in terms of size, shape, location, quantity, and orientation. This allows for precise visualization and coordination of electrical systems.

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